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Friday, December 17, 2010

Geothermal Training and Certification

Many HVAC contractors have contacted us over the past few years wondering about training and certification. Currently there is not an official certification program for the industry. We have provided many HVAC business owners with training and education on geothermal HVAC installation. These individuals have been very grateful as they've noticed others view them as leaders in their field with the added service.

If you are interested in geothermal training please visit:


greenhwy66 said...

We've enjoyed the curriculum and training information provided from EggGeothermal. We paln to use them for all of our geothermal training and certification needs. They're the best!

Henry said...

Thanks for your comment! We enjoy being able to network with you and spread the word about the wonderful technology of geothermal HVAC. Much thanks!

linderli tari said...

sebetar lagi piala dunia KLIK DI SINI DEH permainan menarik di AGENS128 loh

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